Soul Style…your invitation to a pleasure-filled life

Pleasure is a measure and a guide I have come to use in everything I do – especially
in helping a woman to create her own Soul Style!

What is pleasure?

The simplest definition (and my most favorite one): Pleasure is Turn-On.

It begins simply with the daily delights that come from the practice of enjoying and turning on all our sensuous senses—sight, smell, hearing, taste, and touch—and accessing
that on-demand.

It is incredibly powerful and healing to remember, no matter what is occurring in our lives at any given moment, that turn-on never stops, never ends, and is always beginning.

Approaching our own bodies and the way we dress ourselves with this level of sensual awareness and enjoyment can serve as a foundation for a joyful relationship with life. We can inspire and turn ourselves on by savoring a flash of color, a yummy texture, or the graceful movement of a garment on our bodies as we walk. This increases our turn-on throughout our day and influences the way we relate to the rest of our lives. Thus our worlds and our lives expand in unimaginable ways.

I define a Soul Stylist as someone who cultivates, imagines, lives, and gives pleasure and beauty.

In carrying out this mission, it is my great privilege to train any woman to adore, adorn, and astonish herself with her own style in an eco-friendly, sexy, and luxurious way.

Discovering your own Soul Style is the best entry to a pleasured life that I know. I invite you to join me…

What I Offer

Would you like to know and own your style, your beauty, and your body before you ever set foot in a shop? Let the Dame become your personal stylist! You know that amazingly chic and hot vision of yourself that you have wanted to meet all your life? Well, that is your Soul Style…waiting to be introduced to you! Waiting to teach you how to adore, adorn and astonish yourself through the education of style, the application of sensuality and the science of pleasure.

Through Soul Styling, you will:

Your Soul Styling Package

Photo Credit (top photo): Jana Moore