To acknowledge Turn-On is to Turn It On. Turning on happiness for ourselves instantly influences the people and environments around us.

I support many causes - please see my blog for all of them. I give great thanks for all the inspiration, love, and support I receive every day…

I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Dame Lori, "The Doula of Pleasure," for several years now. She brings delight and prosperity to whatever she touches. Dr. Christiane Northrup, Author, Health Visionary.

Dame Lori has the intuitive knack for observing, listening, and calling forth her vision. She intrigues. She inspires. She amazes. Tara Dixon, Painter, Gratitude Designs

Dame Lori is the ultimate seductress, able to conjure the unimaginable and produce a final result that is stunning! Eric Hagmueller, Director of Retail, New York City Opera.

Lori is an artist. Through her Soul Styling she saw the goddess within me and patiently, lovingly uncovered her unique expression in my new wardrobe until I was set free. Joanne Porzio, Writer, Sensual Coach.

Lori's "turn-on" is contagious. She's the ultimate cheerleader. Betsy Blankenbaker, Filmmaker, Humanitarian.

Lori has a very special gift for not only bringing out the beauty but in helping others squeeze every bit of juice out of life. Donna LeBlanc, Intuitive Psychotherapist.

Dame Lori is an enchantress and my muse—I never design a bag without her in mind–she is the feminine archetype! Jung would have coveted her. Marcia Sherrill, CFDA Member, Designer, Annabelle By Marcia Sherrill.

If she gives you one tenth the love and support that she has given to me and the School of Womanly Arts, she will change your life forever. Regena Thomashauer, Mama Gena's School of Womanly Arts.

I want to be Dame Lori when I grow up! Tziporah Salamon, Stylist, Performer.

Photo Credit (top photo): Roger D.
Photo Credit (photo w/ scissors): Yves Durif